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With over 16000 personnel across the globe and deep multi-domain expertise, Dtree Digitech Solutions helps you extract peak productivity from your technology resources.

Architecting the future of enterprise

If legacy systems and inadequate infrastructure are slowing your expansion, partner with Dtree Digitech Solutions to revamp your approach to business. Our design thinking-led approach to technology consulting expands your core capabilities, while effortlessly scaling new offerings.

Deep Domain Expertise

With over 5000 transformation specialists and implementations across 15 industries, bank on Dtree Digitech Solutions to cut through to the heart of your challenges

Integrate & Scale

Let us help you build architecture that prioritizes rapid service scaling and integration between process, platforms and talent

Refresh & Rearm

Upgrade legacy systems and curate a fresh set of applications to enhance workforce productivity and empower your business leaders

Enterprise Architecture

Discover agile enterprise architecture solutions that deploy specialized toolsets and frameworks to help you quickly achieve strategic objectives.
  • Align IT planning with core business goals to drive seamless synergy between tech and operational strategy
  • Stimulate and expedite innovation with market-ready, industry specific frameworks and business pilots
  • Deploy non-disruptive tech upgrades that enable simplified and agile processes across your entire organization

Business Architecture

Define how your processes, competencies, roles and technology intersect and help you hit all the right business outcomes.
  • Capacity modeling and design that uncovers your true competencies, helping you quickly achieve your key objectives
  • End-to-end business process architecture for leaner operations that power robust business results
  • Identify the organizational structures that help you boost productivity while eliminating redundancies and lowering costs

Solution Architecture

Whatever your project requirements, our solution architects will design a framework that assures all the right business outcomes.
  • In-depth discovery and need-mapping techniques that eliminate delays and budget-overruns
  • Extreme programming approach to solution architecture that prioritizes short iterations and agile methodology
  • Advanced governance and automation protocols to cut down time-to-market and deliver more predictable systems

Product & Platform Engineering

Comprehensive product and platform development capabilities that build full-stack solutions for accelerated business growth.
  • Full product development life-cycle management from planning and testing to deployment and maintenance
  • Drive productivity with ready-to-deploy CI platforms that support simultaneous hardware and software testing
  • Innovation to revitalize potentially obsolete product lines and establish greater cost savings

A Look At Dtree Digitech Solutions In Action

See how Dtree Digitech Solutions works with leading enterprises to enable solutions that establish tangible outcomes on a global scale

Restructuring the core to build better IT infrastructure

A leading financial advisory firm, with over $615 billion in advisory & brokerage assets, was plagued with challenges resulting from legacy infrastructure, which in turn was adversely affecting their product and service delivery.


Improving customer experience with better service delivery

An American multinational technology conglomerate needed a comprehensive incident management system to streamline day-to-day operations.