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We work on complex business problems in health care, technology, financial services, and other industries. Much of our efforts involve litigation, but we also partner with major corporations on a range of business issues. Our teams use skills in economics, finance, health analytics and outcomes, and strategy to analyze antitrust issues, securities fraud, patent infringement, environmental impact, merger disputes, and more.

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Job ID Year of Experience Technology
DDS-140701 3 years -6 years React Js
DDS-140702 1+ Year Mule Soft
DDS-140703 3 years -6 years SAP-MM
DDS-140704 3 years -6 years SAP-SD
DDS-140705 3 years -6 years SAP-FICO
DDS-140706 3 years -6 years Automation Testing
DDS-140707 3 years -6 years RPA
DDS-140708 3 years -6 years Azure
DDS-140709 3 years -6 years Full Stack
DDS-140710 3 years -6 years Python
DDS-140710 3 years -6 years Angular 2+